If you need a patio for kicking back and sipping on the weekends, I’ve got you covered. And now that the weather is getting cooperating, it’s the perfect time to plan your destination, and The Mucky Duck Pub is the place to spend an evening.

Indiana’s land locked status deters bar owners from designing a setting with a beach bar feel, but owner Todd Johnson designed an oasis on a pond. But the wide-open patio, beach umbrellas and live music will still take you away.  You will take a mini vacation every time you walk in the door.

Music, amazing food, a great vibe and bartenders that know what they are doing when they mix you a fun summery cocktail or pour the perfect beer from one of 31 taps!

If you missed the segment on IN the Loop about The Mucky Duck Pub check out the video below.  And don’t forget to watch me, Jade Johnson, every Sunday night at 11:30 on WISH-TV 8.  Keeping you IN the Loop of everything that is Indianapolis.

Written by Raven Taylor

Everyone always asks me to tell them what it is like to work on a top rated Indianapolis Magazine Show. It is awesome, a lot of work and a filled with Looper Perks. I also like pink.

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