Camping, live music, good vibes, and a good Kause. Sounds like a perfect combination for summer fun right? Well every year in August, Jared Hiner throws Kammy’s Kause at the American Legion park in Fortville. A two day  event with tons of entertainment! All for $10! That price includes camping, tons of live local music from Indy’s top musicians, free kiddie rides from blow up slides to petting zoo’s. Lot’s of entertainment for $10  and the proceeds goes to 4P minus research. Kammy’s Kause is one of the biggest if not THE biggest charity event to raise money for the research of 4P minus. Also know as Wolf–Hirschhorn syndrome (WHS) which is a very rare chromosome disorder. Only a few thousand know causes in the entire world.

Kammy’s Kause has been running over ten years now and is only getting bigger. With donations for an auction from tickets sales they have raised over $50,000 for the Kause.

It’s an emotional and entertaining. You gotta come check it out next summer. For the Kause man! I make it a priority to go every year!


To see more of Kammy’s Kause, check out the video below! Be sure to tune in every Sunday night at 11:30 on WISH-TV 8 to see me, Jade Wallace, along with all the other Loopers as we show you the very best of Indianapolis! We love keeping you IN the Loop!

Written by Jade Johnson

I love to do hair and I am as passionate about it as I am about being a host on IN the Loop. I’m the type of person to cheer someone up if they’re having a bad day or just to make others laugh, because i believe everyone should be happy every day.

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